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OK,  These guys may be idiots and/or criminals, but that aside, look at how the press branded this article:  Notice first the statements, “Charged” and “alleged”, and then notice how many negative, accusatory, and damning labels are put in right next to the word “Christian” In a time when  politicians are doomed by allegations, we as […]

Guns as a core value?

March 1st, 2009

I struggle with this. Having been a US Marine, having taken an oath to defend the country, it’s constitution, and it’s people, the right to bear arms is foundational, and I often thought that I’d go out in a blaze of patriotic glory when the BATF comes to take my guns away. Now I have […]

Guns? Really?

June 20th, 2008

Yes.  Forget about your political correctness. We live in a great country whose constitution was set up to allow the people to overthrow the government.  It’s called revolution, and it’s what drastically improves the lives of entire nations.  It’s never easy, it’s never pleasant, and it’s always costly. If we tried that now, we’d be […]