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He Stinketh

July 10th, 2017

I was reading out of the book of John today, as I am struggling to find the personable Jesus.  Not just the guy who spake in riddles and made people mad by telling them things they could not accept.  Today I found a man who gave every invitation, every demonstration for folks to see and […]


March 9th, 2017

Yesterday, during a time of listening, I received a picture of the ocean.  For me it was Wrightsville beach as I often see it from my kayak half a mile out. I noticed everyone playing in the shallows, and in the Spirit I heard the kingdom is like the ocean–the vast majority of believers only […]


August 20th, 2016

In my jail ministry, I have two “rules”. Read a Proverb a day (that will keep you out of jail) Break agreements with the enemy*. In this post, I cover breaking agreements. When you recognize dysfunction in your life, pray for discernment. Ask yourself, “What spirit is at the root of my action, attitude or […]


August 20th, 2016

That thing you call your imagination—that’s your “radio receiver” (or wireless adapter for you younger folks) for God to speak to you! I liken it to a whiteboard: lot’s of space for temporary, erasable words, ideas, pictures, memories and the like. You have creative power, so you can “draw” what ever you want by using […]

Creation of Family

September 3rd, 2015

I have been getting what feels like a revelation of truth over the past few months.  I started this post a while ago, and the pieces are coming together. 1 Cor 15  paints a picture of what this world is all about.  It’s about God the father and Jesus the word, co-laboring to create a […]


March 22nd, 2014

Title Study How many times do I come across new truth that has always been there?  After all these years in the Bible, I still continue to find new revelation, confirmation, and correction to my convictions, doctrine and opinion. Today it came in the form of confirmation. (see Family Lost post from May 26, 2010). […]

From Jesus

February 26th, 2012

My Beloved, You are my child, because I am your God. You are my sibling, because we are “joint heirs” and children of my Father. You are my bride, because I died for you, washed you clean with my blood and continue to do so with my Word. I don’t expect you to understand me […]


November 23rd, 2011

I was trying to figure out how to say no negative positively.  The answer is “positive”. I will try to convey this concept without going negative, or at least only going negative on the fact that we tend to do so. I’m increasingly agitated (righteous indignation) when Christians speak negatively about other Christians.  I have […]

Broken Promise

December 4th, 2010

I’m finally starting to see deeper into the Word.  I was reading Matthew 27 this morning, where Judas, full of remorse tries to return the money to the chief priests and elders who arrested Jesus.  They would not take it directly, so Judas threw the 30 pieces of silver into the temple and went to […]


November 23rd, 2010

I was praying this morning, confessing a familiar sin, considering how the guilt of repeated failure in a given area leaves me feeling anxious and -well, claustrophobic.   Really?  Are the two related?  I have on occasion dealt with a sudden onslaught of claustrophobia; the last time was when I saw the news online about the […]