Me and why I blog

June 20th, 2008

I’m still trying to get my mind around blogging.  OK so you want to put your personal information on the Internet for others to look at… not me. I do want to promote and tell everyone that they need to go out there to either help others in need or get the support and […]

Jesus is not just for simple-minded people who can’t figure out how life really works.  Next to God Himself, that’s all of us! Jesus is God’s intervention in history after man was given a chance and royally screwed things up. Jesus is both the son of God and God incarnate.  Jesus, the Father (Jehova) and […]

Guns? Really?

June 20th, 2008

Yes.  Forget about your political correctness. We live in a great country whose constitution was set up to allow the people to overthrow the government.  It’s called revolution, and it’s what drastically improves the lives of entire nations.  It’s never easy, it’s never pleasant, and it’s always costly. If we tried that now, we’d be […]

Freedom.  Most Americans might think of Old Glory. Paradox.  Being a true servant produces the greatest freedom. I served in the USMC.  Because of my service and the services of others like me, I live in a free country. I am a Christian.  Because I am a bond-servant to Christ, I am free from the […]