Well, isn’t this exciting. Trying to stay level-headed, and yet prepare with some level of common sense as I read the signs of the times.  I have two closest friends (internal-trib) who don’t believe in the 2nd coming of Christ or the common view of prophesy in Jeremiah and Revelation, and I have other Christian friends […]

Status Update

March 1st, 2009

Wow.  The journey continues, and it’s getting exciting. “A few months back, I prayed that I would someday be able to walk in freedom, above and throughout all of life’s systems….  “ Physically:  I have found a product that has basically raised me above many of my physical issues.  I like it so much, I […]

Guns as a core value?

March 1st, 2009

I struggle with this. Having been a US Marine, having taken an oath to defend the country, it’s constitution, and it’s people, the right to bear arms is foundational, and I often thought that I’d go out in a blaze of patriotic glory when the BATF comes to take my guns away. Now I have […]