April 22nd, 2010

Most of this comes from listening to Kris Valliton of Bethel College, as part of the Discipleship School of the Spirit curriculum. He’s not the author, just one who summed it all up really, really well!

I am currently reading a book that speaks of the scripture in Matthew 7:23 concerning “I never knew you, depart from me”.  It seems that there is no shortage of those who will teach on this verse, with the focus on those who don’t KNOW (in an intimate way) Jesus Christ, that will be turned […]

OK,  These guys may be idiots and/or criminals, but that aside, look at how the press branded this article:  Notice first the statements, “Charged” and “alleged”, and then notice how many negative, accusatory, and damning labels are put in right next to the word “Christian” In a time when  politicians are doomed by allegations, we as […]

My Life

April 2nd, 2010