The Cost of Love

February 29th, 2016

I started a new project for a friend. Please check out KickStarter Cost of Love Project I’d really appreciate you backing me in this project. You will love the book, and be helping me help others. Thanks!


February 26th, 2016

In Jail, we are seeing miracles.  I heard a teaching at by Steve Cioccolanti that mentioned miracles often being in the timing of an event, and so it was two weeks ago. We have been seeing a lot of success praying for folks with diabetes.  Three inmates have been healed, and two widows (in a different ministry), […]

Don’t despise the Toothpick.

February 26th, 2016

Some convictions are fleeting, and some are tested by fire.  This one is tested and true. Where does the title come from?  As ministers, we all have a “toolbox” from which we draw the spiritual weapon or “tool” that we need to get a job done.  Tools like encouragement, prayer, instruction, healing, deliverance, discipleship, helps, […]