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That thing you call your imagination—that’s your “radio receiver” (or wireless adapter for you younger folks) for God to speak to you!

I liken it to a whiteboard: lot’s of space for temporary, erasable words, ideas, pictures, memories and the like.

You have creative power, so you can “draw” what ever you want by using your carnal mind in thought.

But if you can quiet your mind, and let GOD draw on your whiteboard, then you can HEAR IN THE SPIRIT.

To do that:

  1. Say this:  “I bind every evil spirit that seeks to keep me from hearing from the one true God, Jehova, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  All other spirits not from God are prohibited from speaking to me in my mind, desires, memories, or in any other way.”
  2. Say this: “I bless my spirit-man to take precedence over my fleshly carnal mind.  Mind, shut up.  Holy Spirit, take control so that I can hear from God.”
  3. Pray this: “God, speak to me.  Show me anything that is important to YOU.  Help me to hear your voice, to “see in the spirit”, and to discern your voice from my own or from the enemy.  Speak to me now”
  4. Do this:  Push every thought from your mind.  Let it go blank.  Wait, be OK if nothing happens.  This takes practice.  It’s usually 45 sec to 2 minutes before I ever get anything, because it takes time to get ready to receive.

For more of my journey of learning how to listen, click here or here.

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