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In my jail ministry, I have two “rules”.

  1. Read a Proverb a day (that will keep you out of jail)
  2. Break agreements with the enemy*.

In this post, I cover breaking agreements.

When you recognize dysfunction in your life, pray for discernment. Ask yourself, “What spirit is at the root of my action, attitude or situation?”
[this is assuming you have learned how to hear from God]

  1. Say this: (or something like it, as the Spirit leads): “sprit of _[the one you want gone]_  I nail you to the cross.  I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, and I break every agreement that I have made with you, known and unknown.”  Sometimes I ramble on a bit, but that’s all that was necessary.  I say things like, “I know I have authorized you in the past by my thoughts and actions, but I CHOOSE to deauthorize you know, you have no more power over me, so you must leave!”
  2. Pray this: “Father God, I repent of joining or agreeing with the spirit of _____ “  [bring to remembrance the sin that so easily ensnared…].  You may want to add confession and asking for forgiveness.
  3. Pray this: “Father, please remove from me the spirit of ________, send it far away from me, and show me what you want to give me in it’s place”
  4. Do this:  Keep your eyes closed, and listen.  Allow God to show you what your life should look like without that thing there messing with you.


*We got this method from Barry and Lori Byrne at a marriage retreat called, “Love after marriage”. Not sure if it was original from them, or on loan from someone else, but it’s Kingdom property by now.

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