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Do you know someone who has experienced several trials, difficulties, sicknesses, etc., and they just can’t seem to “catch a break”?

Some folks have a genuinely difficult life–the waves of difficulty just keep on coming in, and they never seem to enter into rest.  Chances are, they have learned to view the world through “crisis lenses”.  I’m not sure what would inspire someone to do this, but I could guess:  Either they believe that they are not worthy of a good and blessed life, and therefore are always focusing on what they feel they deserve, or they have a savior complex, and think that the world needs their help.  In other words, if I am over-nurturing, have a need to rescue someone from their crisis, ignorance, or position, I will never be at peace because the world is full of circumstances and people who NEED my help.  If I need that to validate my existence, then I will always look for something or someone to fix, and see all that needs fixing.

Here are some insights from my own walk and understanding on the subjects of authority, breaking curses, binding and loosing, and the like:

Health:  You want health for your family?  Thank God DAILY for the health of yourself and every family member.  When they are sick, thank God for everything that is NOT wrong with them.

Worry:  Don’t do it.  It is not biblical.  Seriously.  It gives the enemy a very strong foothold.  Consider my post on hearing.  You will quickly understand that what we allow the carnal mind to focus on (the whiteboard), will become what we talk about, and then will become reality, or if we are lucky, will only steal the joy out of every waking moment until it doesn’t.

Wealth:  The Bible is clear about a couple of things:  Proverbs states and implies that a righteous man will have wealth.  There are also many warnings not to pursue wealth.  The greatest statement about priorities is here: “Seek first the Kingdom”  What does it look like to seek Kingdom principles in your relationships with your spouse, your kids, in your job, or in the way you conduct yourself daily?  Would that not produce many types of wealth?

Weather:  If you need good weather for an event, call my mom.  She will pray, you will have sunshine.  This usually works for me as well, but don’t call me.

Other not-so-small details [remember, the devil is in the details]:

Unforgiveness:  If you have it going on in your head or your heart, don’t expect anything to go right…. really.  Roots of unforgiveness need to be dealt with.  Two more thoughts about that: This one from my friend Anthony, and this famous quote that I last heard from my wife:  “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison expecting someone else to get sick.”

Gossip:  Take less time to talk about others, and more time to listen to God about what he wants you to spend all that time doing.  Gossip is evidence of…

Pride:  which comes before a fall, and causes God to oppose you!

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