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Yesterday, during a time of listening, I received a picture of the ocean.  For me it was Wrightsville beach as I often see it from my kayak half a mile out.

I noticed everyone playing in the shallows, and in the Spirit I heard the kingdom is like the ocean–the vast majority of believers only play in the shallows.  I then asked for more understanding.  I saw people fishing from boats and became aware that they are limited to one minuscule area of the ocean, as they put a line down to pull up one fish at a time.  Like so many of us who occasionally “go fishing” with our “quiet time” to pull up a truth from the depths… not unlike this article….

Then I saw fishing boats with nets;  the boats represented the church buildings, the captains pastors, and the fish and “shrimp” the people.  Fish and shrimp are collected and dragged back to the land (the often too-worldly environments of the organized church).  Nough-said.

Then I saw the vastness of the depths, with giant kelp forests, schools of huge and small fish, strange creatures large and small, and I understood that it was the spiritual world, a place largely undiscovered, rarely visited, and hidden (as though through a glass)…  I was quite taken by the beauty, and asked the Lord, “Why is there no ocean in Heaven?”  The reply: “The ocean is simply the physical representation on earth of the spiritual world in Heaven.  In Heaven, everything is accessible, the environment itself is the depths, the heights, the sunny valleys, the calm bays and pools.  The river of life flows for those who want water, and you can’t drown in it!”  When I think of the ocean, I think of fish (food).  God showed me that in Heaven, all the food is accessible, and you don’t have to fish or catch, or go in search of it, it is plentiful and readily available.

As a friend of mine pointed out, the oceans separate the masses.  There is no separation in Heaven.  All is known, all is right, all is accessible.  We will be submerged in the life giving substance that we are made of.

Other characteristics of the ocean or water:

  • It comes in three forms
  • It is the anti-fire
  • It refreshes, cools, invigorates
  • Without it, there is no real life.

I asked the Lord, “What about the tides?”  The reply:  The sun is the physical representation of the Son of God.  The moon is the physical representation of the “god of this age”, it is closer, only has dominion over this planet, and has the greatest “pull” on the planet.  So much so, that which ever side of the Earth is closest to the moon, the ocean bulges toward it.  The spirit world is pulled into it’s greatest concentration where evil abounds.  The ebb and flow of good and evil, while destabilizing, brings life and change and growth, just as the choice of sin, trials and temptations keep life in an unstable state, but are always providing opportunities for growth.

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