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I am walking out a physical episode that I am sure has spiritual implications, so I am going to try to work them out here:

I have my medical needs covered by the VA, since I am a veteran, and have an adequate disability rating to get me benefits.  I have asked my primary doc at the VA to check my skin, and specifically some moles and a rough spot on my nose.  After being told I was fine last year, I still felt a push to see a dermatologist, and pushed hard an long enough to get a referral to a local doc.  They found pre-cancerous cells on my nose, and cut a tough piece of skin off my elbow, and cut off a mole from my back, which came back with a not-so-good report.  Today they went “deeper”, cutting out a section of flesh about half the size of my pinky… that’s the physical.

Now for the spiritual.

What does the nose correlate to?

The looking ahead, behind, going deeper, avoiding catastrophe..etc.  need to finish this later.


A good 3 weeks have passed, and it is coming into focus.  You need to read my post entitled “Out” to understand, go ahead, I’ll wait……

Cancer equals evil, in all its forms.  It starts unnoticed, some of it lies in our past (like on my back) and we don’t even see it in our day-to-day existence, but it is there, and left unchecked, it will infect and affect the entire body.  It takes another to see it, evaluate it and deal with it.

It also starts in plain sight (on my nose), even where the light has been the greatest!  It lurks under the surface, evidenced by a slight roughness and sensitivity.  It can be detected upon close examination with a mirror.

The elbow was a little different.  I picture the elbow is that part of the body that you jab your family member with when they are falling asleep in church.  Sometimes the roughness needs to be removed from that part of us, even if it is benign.

Is the “primary care” doc like our local pastor?  Who knows.  Maybe for you it is.  Be wary of other well-meaning believers telling you that your cancer is nothing to worry about.  Take matters into your own hands and seek out a specialist, go through the cutting out process, and live clean, always aware that the vulnerability will not go completely away until we see Him and are like Him, with our new bodies!

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