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I am in a season of “out”.

One of the questions that came up in my men’s group off a list of questions that accountability partners should ask each other, is “Do you feel that you are in the center of God’s will and sense His peace?” The answer, surprisingly is: “yes“.

Surprising, because I am outside church, outside politics, outside employment, outside religion, outside the burdensome concern of “am I pleasing to everyone?” (… and outside social media for the most part.)  I have even found myself on the outside of a business venture that I was in with my two best “friends”.

I find it easier to hear the voice of God when I am not so focused on all the other voices.  Having said that, the times (recently) when I intentionally seek God (spend time with Him alone, reading the Word, praying, and listening), I get silence… leaving me feeling “out”.  But the times when I serve others (being the Church), or lead them in times of doing the same, I hear Him clearly.  I hear Him along the way, showing me truths that might be secrets, and I am trying to learn when to act on what He shares with me, and when to (or if I should) take it in and use it as a point of intercessory prayer.  The former creates much more conflict.

I wrestle with the accusation of pride when I stick to what I believe–against the advice of some of my trusted advisers.  I examine my motive.  I have been in the season of dealing with the spirit of judgement, and I think I understand that judgement happens when pride looks and speaks.  Discernment happens quite by surprise, and when I speak, it appears to be judgement.

For those who know me, rest assured–while it is a human reaction (fleshly) to enjoy being right, that is NEVER my motive.  My intentional motivation is always truth and love, it’s just that sometimes the truth doesn’t feel like love, and I am working on my delivery when I believe in my heart that delivery is necessary.

I see society ditching truth and love for what they want.  And I see the church (overall, on average) ditching truth in the name of love.  There is an excellent article on the subject here, I just found it while searching for the scripture Reference of Romans 2:4.

Lord, help us find the balance of truth and love in a way that will honor You, and when possible to honor those who love you.

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